We welcome you to take part of the real Hummus journey throughout this website… helping you find the best Hummus Near You and from the different angle bringing the world of Hummus to you.
In our simple website we aim to provide you with all that is needed for one to become a Hummus or Humus fan and most importantly we provide you with recomendations of places to try.  For theory is no match to reality when it comes to experiencing the wonderful Hummus “gourmet” dishes.
So whether it is Hummus /Humus / Humos / Humas /  Hummus Recipe / Hummus Dip
you are looking we are hoping to have the answers to your Hummus needs throughout.  And if not let us know.
More than that let others know  – leave your responses, your feedback, your hummus recommendations as to Hummusiot whether they do or don’t exist yet on the site – we will make sure to follow your recommendation!!!   
For your convenience we have provided a Hummus beginners guide so that the first time you walk into a Hummusia (the Hummus restaturant) you’ll know what to expect.
And finally,  below are the main Hummus Regions in Israel, feel free to use the link to find a Hummus near you and help you on your personal Hummus journey.

Israeli Hummus Regions


  1. what an amazing site

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